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About Cepi Style

I was in my twenties when I landed my first executive role. I worked hard to prove that I could take over a leadership position managing education investments at Deutsche Bank, but getting the job was just the beginning of the battle. 

I knew that my age, experience, and gender were all things that could provide challenges while building my career. In the hopes of being taken seriously, I religiously wore seriously professional suits with no flair for the first two months on the job.  

As I eased into my role, I started to express myself — wearing dresses and separates with a bit of color and texture.  As my relationships with my colleagues deepened, one of my closest friends at work told me that when I first started, people perceived that I was so stiff, serious, and tightly wound, and were eventually so surprised by my effusive personality.  I was happy to hear that my early strategy worked so well, and this experience really marked the beginning of a more substantive relationship between my style choices and the increasingly serious roles I took on since then.

At every point of my career and personal life, the conversation about shopping, what to wear, where to get it, whether it fits the occasion or the person, has always been alive and well.  We define ourselves partly by what we wear and what we desire.  I started giving advice and guidance to more and more of my peers on their personal style, helping them find their voices and authenticity, and ultimately their power. This really marked the birth of Cepi Style.

I took a huge leap of faith, went out on a limb, and put my wildly successful career in philanthropy, education reform, and policy on hold to seize a moment in time and pursue this other passion for people and their personal style.

If you juggle career, life transitions from pregnancy to promotion, and the mounting responsibilities that come with being a professional woman, Cepi Style is the place for you.  

Your style is a powerful form of communication, and your first step is a closet edit, a 3 hour session where a personal stylist will come to your home and help reimagine your wardrobe. We’ll take out what isn’t working for you, keep your classics, and introduce new pieces to help you hone your style and get the powerful results you’re looking for at work and in your life.  

Each of our Cepi Style closet edits have been transformational – personally and professionally while setting the foundation for each person to move about their days with effortless confidence.  

I built Cepi Style on the same premise that my career in philanthropy and education is built on – service and empowerment.  The journey in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond are filled with transition.  Cepi Style is a nuanced version of service supporting your personal journey every step of the way.

Growing Cepi Style inspires me and lights my fire every day.  I bring all of me to building it. I hope it begins to inspire you too.



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Nicole Campbell is CEO and Founder of Cepi Style. Cepi Style is a result of her experience and sixth sense for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to perfecting a woman’s wardrobe. Driven always by a desire to make a meaningful difference, Nicole created Cepi Style to empower consumers. Everything for Nicole is rooted in connection. Connecting with executive women akin to herself, familiar with the demands of a corporate profile; connecting with their respective visions, reigning them in or encouraging them further; connecting with a cultural dialogue, providing depth in a space frequently stigmatized as superficial; connecting with other small, independent businesses, from solo stylists to designers to those practicing the lost art of tailoring; and, at its simplest, connecting women with their inner (and outer) selves — be it circumspect for the office or exploratory for leisurely pursuits. Nicole has long recognized her duty and desire to give back. She feels a strong responsibility to support — in whatever ways she is capable — children, women, under-resourced communities and disenfranchised individuals. Through her career, Nicole proved her remarkable value via a number of notable ventures, among them her roles as: a White House Fellow; Director of State Policy for The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation; Vice President of Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation; Strategy Consultant for nonprofits CEOs and much more.

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