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Falling into Sleeveless Layers

It’s officially Fall and it is time to put our clothes back on. Say goodbye to sweaty commutes. It’s layering season! And while we quickly assume that means beautiful blazers and cardigans, we now have more options – sleeveless blazers and cardigans. They are quickly becoming key closet essentials. They provide yet another sleek option [...]

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Closet Edit Stories: Looking Forward to Monday

The UES held many wonderful surprises for Cepi Style on Friday afternoon: peaceful streets, ample street parking, an amazing new member who just moved into her new, beautiful home, and her precious 4-year old daughter who just had to pick out the perfect shoes and jewelry for her momma. The best part was when Sarah, [...]

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CWS aka The Crisp White Shirt

Zephryus and the cold biting winds of March have outstayed their welcome. It's time for warm sunny days to arrive! And for New Yorkers, that means two weeks of perfect weather. (The rest of the world calls it Spring.)  I intend to  usher in those warm 65 degree days with a crisp, white shirt. The CWS.

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Style Impacts Performance

Now, if your direct boss, manager, board member or significant other (gasp!) said your style impacts your performance, it may not go over so well – especially, if you are a woman. The style burden for women is actually a real thing. Here at Cepi Style, we frankly see it as an opportunity.

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