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Cepi Style Stories: An Architect’s Angle

Our midtown west beauty greeted our stylists with a beautiful charcuterie platter, Greek Iced Tea, and Rosé! Totally charming (and unnecessary)! Her closet edit was a gift from her wonderful husband and here she was – still giving. Her big challenge – she wears the same clothing for work and casual, struggles to invest in [...]

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What Lies Beneath…

If you wear suits or blazers with any frequency, what lies beneath is critical - the shell, the blouse, the tank top... But, we pay so little attention to it. We aren’t running out on a Saturday to browse shells. We don’t even give them that much credit when we find perfection. Every closet edit [...]

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Closet Edit Stories: The Woman Behind the Lab Coat

Her closet edit was a Westchester dream – scenic background and tons of “aha” moments! As an OB/GYN living in the ‘burbs, she felt like her style didn’t matter to her so much. She wears her lab coat at work and spends her evenings on mommy and wife duty. But, she signed up for [...]

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Beautiful Shoes That Take You Block by Block!

Fall’s most reliable shoe, the block heel is arriving on the runways and in stores in all shapes, colors, silhouettes and sizes. We love them because they are beautiful, sturdy and comfortable all at the same time! Perfect for our members… With the below Prada shoe, you can even jump puddles.  The Ralph Lauren [...]

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Closet Edit Stories: Looking Forward to Monday

The UES held many wonderful surprises for Cepi Style on Friday afternoon: peaceful streets, ample street parking, an amazing new member who just moved into her new, beautiful home, and her precious 4-year old daughter who just had to pick out the perfect shoes and jewelry for her momma. The best part was when Sarah, [...]

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Closet Edit Stories: The Brooklyn Brownstone Edition

What better way to spend your Friday summer afternoon than with a closet edit – full rack of clothing personally curated for you, options for what to do with your castaways, and an expert eye for that thing in your closet that you still can’t figure out to wear. We think there’s no better way. [...]

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Closet Edit Diaries: All in the Details

A rainy Saturday outside and loads of sunshine in our new members’ closet today! One suit, in particular almost brought the room to tears – no lie! We were able to move toward more feminine, bossy silhouettes with a wonderful supporting cast: Oscar De La Renta, Nina Ricci, Paul Andrew, W. Britt, Lanvin, and Lauren Moonigan. [...]

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A Message to Proenza Schouler

Castanea Partners announced its purchase of a minority stake in Proenza Schouler and my heart thumped. The New York Times recounts chief executive Ronald L Franch’s new plans for the house in three words: “Handbags, handbags, handbags”. That’s where the margins are. We get it. But, we LOVE Proenza Schouler for its “jackets, jackets, jackets” [...]

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