Cepi Style Stories: An Architect’s Angle

Our midtown west beauty greeted our stylists with a beautiful charcuterie platter, Greek Iced Tea, and Rosé! Totally charming (and unnecessary)! Her closet edit was a gift from her wonderful husband and here she was – still giving.

Her big challenge – she wears the same clothing for work and casual, struggles to invest in herself, and doesn’t really like a lot of attention.

Her architectural angle – “I don’t quite like this together because the stripes on the top are vertical and the stripe on the shoe is horizontal… I have many wonderful “objects” in my closet but they are just objects. I don’t wear them..”

Her husband’s charge – “She’ll only wear it if she loves it. I want her to love it.” (swoon for hubby)

Her closet edit experience – She got rid of clothing that really just made her look like she rolled out of bed and upgraded in her own spirit and time (it happened quickly as usual). By the end of the closet edit, she was comfortable in tailored pants that weren’t too tight, upgraded shoes for the spring/summer that fit her “vibe” (she wanted nothing to do with a pointy shoe), and added gorgeous blouses that complimented her figure (and were of course comfortable).

Her closing comment – “This was the best gift my husband has ever given me.” We know what she meant.

Closet edits are so personal yet consistently rewarding across professional fields, ages, neighborhoods, and “states of mind”.

Here is some inspiration from today:

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