Closet Edit Stories: Looking Forward to Monday

The UES held many wonderful surprises for Cepi Style on Friday afternoon: peaceful streets, ample street parking, an amazing new member who just moved into her new, beautiful home, and her precious 4-year old daughter who just had to pick out the perfect shoes and jewelry for her momma. The best part was when Sarah, her stylist helped her with one of her new outfits and she looked in the mirror and said to herself, “This makes me look forward to work on Monday!” We are all at the point in our lives where our careers are actual living, breathing things that are a part of us.  There are ways to make the day-to-day more joyous, less monotonous, and more aligned with how we want to feel. Our style plays a major role.

We got to a place with our new member where she could feel more like her strong, beautiful, and confident everyday at work. As the team concluded her appointment she said, “Even if I had the time, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere close to the results I achieved with Cepi Style. What we accomplished today is amazing! I am so excited! Doing this on my own just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

There are a couple of ruts we get stuck in when we don’t have time and have enormous responsibilities: sticking to the same silhouettes and designers, staying away from mixing combinations because they take more time and feel like a recipe for disaster in the morning, and settling for whatever we can find from our go-to retailer online or in-store.

Here’s to dressing so well that we are looking forward to work on Monday! It’s here!

And, in the meantime, here are a few of the many highlights of Friday’s closet edit: Structured cardigans can be just as strong and beautiful as blazers thanks to Alexander McQueen and 3.1 Phillip Lim. COS also has a nice architectural blazer. Nicholas Kirkwood, Tabitha Simmons and Paul Andrew are killing the comfortable yet sexy and beautiful shoe game!


alexander-mcqueen-ivory-knit-peplum-jacket-white-product-0-505182669-normalkirkwood pumpskirkwood slippers

tsimmonscos blazer3-1-phillip-lim-textured-knit-jacket-320288-medium

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