Is Your Skirt's Length Appropriate FOR YOU?

There are many different styles of skirts and choosing which skirt length and style for your body type is not simple! Choosing the wrong skirt length will take away the leg’s length, shape and tone. But, the right skirt length will give legs length, shape, and tone!



The most important thing when looking for an ideal skirt is to never let the hem end at the widest part of the legs because it will make the figure appear larger.  A universally flattering hem length is at or right below the knee and looks great on all body types. (For speaking engagements, skirts always should sit below the knee – especially if you are sitting on stage.) The ideal skirt length for most women will be short enough to highlight the calves. Here are some great options from Erdem, A.L.C., and Donna Karan:




As for styles that are trending, pleats, flounce hems and mini skirts are all fall 2015 trends.  Anyone can wear the pleated and flounce skirt hems at the appropriate length but mini skirts tend run the risk of being too short and inappropriate and certainly not appropriate for office attire. To remain professional, try incorporating on-trend prints, colors or fabrics like grey, tartan and plaid.



Pencil skirts, A-line and full skirts are a great way to change up your suit with increased femininity. A pencil skirt hugs the body while showing or creating curves, (depending on the shape and material of the pencil skirt). And, a full skirt minimizes the waist and conceals the thighs.




Also, try to locate the item on a runway so that you can see if the skirt would ride up or be difficult to walk in. Finding the right skirt can be tricky but with guidance, will soon be a breeze! Now, time to finish the look with blouse, sweater, blazer, accessories, boot and pump options…

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