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Q & A

Who is a Cepi Style membership for?

Cepi Style has deep experience with senior level and aspirational professionals. Many of our current members lead busy lives with a full range of responsibilities and needs.  Additionally, our stylists have a full range of expertise with clients from diverse industries and backgrounds.   We also cater to organizations and corporations in the form of presentations, workshops, and tailored service options.

A 3-hour closet edit seems like a long time.  Is it necessary?

We stand by the 3-hour timeframe as the most efficient and valuable way to address your closet (to streamline your wardrobe, provide options and techniques for enhancing what you own, and figure out what you would like to donate, consign, and/or tailor) and introduce new pieces and concepts that allow you to achieve your personal styling goals.  The pictures we take during your closet edit become a part of your online user profile as a member.  We believe that all shopping should take place with your current closet and personal goals in mind.  No more idle, useless shopping that fills your closet with items you don’t use.

Please explain the membership service to me.

After your closet edit, we upload all of your information, preferences, and pictures taken during closet edit.  Your online profile allows you to manage your closet and looks with continuous online access to our stylists.  You receive online, personal consultations each month.  All you need to do is ask the question on your mind and describe your needs.  We get to work and provide you with the best options for you.  No more overwhelming visits to department stores or exhausting searches online.  We are here for you and your user profile makes it simple to maintain a true understanding of your needs and desires.

This all sounds really expensive.  What should I expect to spend?

You spend based on your budget.  We believe in planning and focusing on your personal goals.  We created the closet edit and membership service to provide you with the most effective and valuable way to work with an expert stylist.  Our membership benefits include tracking your favorite items for sales as well as discounts on your favorite designers.

Which designers do you work with?

We believe in providing the best value for our members.  For this reason, we pull from the entire spectrum of designers (contemporary and luxury) with a focus on meeting our members’ needs. We also establish relationships with designers that fit our members’ lifestyle and needs to give members better access. For fall 2015, we partnered with Dice Kayek, Hellessy, Nellie Partow and W. Britt.

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