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What is the Cepi Style Experience?

The Cepi Style Experience is more than a premier personal styling service – it is a new way of life. Our signature closet edit is simple satisfaction – an answer to shopping and outfitting experiences that have become so complicated and time consuming in today’s world. Our digital experience takes it to a new level – access to your online profile and closet along with on-demand access to our style experts. It is a necessary and truly personal alternative to aimlessly shopping online.

We follow three simple, personalized steps:

Step 1: The Questionnaire

We ask the most important questions about your price points, professional/lifestyle demands and styling needs to serve you best.

Step 2: The 3-Hour Closet Edit

The Team
An expert personal stylist | An assistant | A rack of clothing and accessories curated just for you

The Process
The Cepi Style Closet Edit is a singular opportunity to make the most of your existing wardrobe while discovering what your style can be beyond your comfort zone. It’s stress-free organizing and coordinating with a luxury shopping experience all in one. The benefits last way beyond the appointment.

Our seasoned stylists provide thoughtful, individualized guidance throughout the entire process. There are four key steps:

Remove | Take away the clothes that no longer serve your wardrobe.
Repurpose | Find new ways to wear underutilized pieces in your closet.
Refresh | Integrate new pieces and concepts into your wardrobe.
Revisit | Review images of every piece you’ve tried on and have them available through your online profile.

The Perks
Engage your Virtual Closet anytime, anywhere with expert stylist support at your fingertips. When you’re in the mood to experiment. When you need a new piece or look for a special event or meeting. When you need a complete overhaul. You have a consistent resource that knows your style and listens to what you want and need. It all starts with a closet edit.

Step 3: The Membership Service

No more frustrating and fruitless shopping experiences. Whether you’re looking for a truly personalized way to manage your wardrobe online or an in-person white glove service to walk you through your style transformation, we’re here for you. Select your membership level, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Services Cepi Basic Cepi Elite
Personalized online closet
Exclusive promotions
Monthly personalized styling recommendations
Monthly on-demand stylist consultations
Exclusive access to designers and Cepi Style events
Consignment, tailor and cobbler referrals
Complimentary in-home fittings
Seasonal in-home edits (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer)
2 seasonal follow-up shopping trips or in-home styling sessions with a tailor
Home delivery service for personalized recommendations
A complimentary closet edit session for you to gift to your colleague or friend
Consignment and/or donation facilitation services

From personalized one-on-one consultations to large-scale presentations, we share the tools and techniques that make personal style powerful.

Our presentations and group workshops are designed for larger audiences ranging on average between 20-300 participants.  The focus is on equipping participants with tangible techniques and solutions to achieve the goals they desire.

Consultations are geared toward more personal needs that individuals can opt into.   We provide one-on-one or smaller group consultations (with a maximum of 10 participants) for key, defining moments that affect your executive pipeline.  These include promotion (both before & after), maternity, public presentation support (i.e. speaking engagements) and media.

Presentations + Group Workshops

  • 20-300 participants
  • Learn how to use style to unlock your full personal and professional potential.


  • 1-10 participants
  • Personalized strategies to facilitate milestones like promotions, maternity, speaking engagements and media appearances.

Q & A

Who is a Cepi Style membership for?

Cepi Style has deep experience with senior level and aspirational professionals. Many of our current members lead busy lives with a full range of responsibilities and needs. Additionally, our stylists have a full range of expertise with clients from diverse industries and backgrounds. We also cater to organizations and corporations in the form of presentations, workshops, and tailored service options.

Which designers do you work with?

We believe in providing the best value for our members. For this reason, we pull from the entire spectrum of designers (contemporary and luxury) with a focus on meeting our members’ needs. We also establish relationships with designers that fit our members’ lifestyle and needs to give members better access. For fall 2015, we partnered with Dice Kayek, Hellessy, Nellie Partow and W. Britt.