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See the Difference

When I first heard about Cepi Style from a friend, I was skeptical… but after the team from Cepi style descended on my closet to help me purge bags of clothes in just an hour, I was already a convert.

How could someone who didn’t know me help me clean my closet and find a range of new looks to incorporate with my existing pieces – all in the span of 3 hours? I’d had a baby a year before my closet edit and felt completely out of touch fashion-wise – my weekend clothes bored me, and my work clothes suddenly seemed frumpy and out of style. But I was so pressed for time and desperate to get out of my style rut that I decided to give it a shot…

A full wardrobe reboot seemed like an impossible task to complete in 3 hours, but after the team from Cepi style descended on my closet to help me purge bags of clothes in just an hour, I was already a convert. Then the fun part began – sorting through a well-edited rack of clothes and bags of shoes and accessories all in the comfort of my own home and with proximity to my closet. I was amazed by how well the survey I’d completed ahead of time for Cepi’s stylists translated into so many great options. Cepi helped me identify what I was missing and introduced me to new designers and silhouettes I never would have found on my own. Knowing the outfits I could make with a new piece and my existing clothes right from the start made the shopping process so much more efficient. I’ve been amazed by how much I wear the pieces the selected for me – ironically, the things that were most outside of my comfort zone initially are what I turn to most often when getting dressed now.‎ Since my initial closet edit, Cepi has sent me lookbooks for different seasons and answered fashion conundrums. I feel so much more organized and confident since I started working with Cepi.

My closet edit far exceeded my expectations.

The best part of the experience was that I quickly came to realize that my opinion was respected by two people invested in this process and who knew FAR more than me in this space. I thought I was paying for clothing advice and ease. In reality, I was paying for experts investing in me. On the surface, the amenities brought directly to me (tailor, clothing, shoes and accessories in my size, style and budget) were clear indicators that this was time and money well spent. On a deeper level, the goals that I have been trying to construct and achieve for years were created and some even obtained in one sitting. A small percentage of my wardrobe has changed, but it will have a powerful effect because a far larger percentage of my understanding of myself, my look and what is out there and the actual steps that I must take on this journey has been transformed.

I feel so much more confident.

I feel so much more confident. I know now that when I walk into a meeting, people are going to take me more seriously.  I look better. I look sharper. And because of that, I feel better. I also had a ton of fun during my closet edit.  Amazing stylists.  All around, I am leaving feeling so much better about myself.  I don’t think therapy could have done this.  Thank you. I love you guys!

Thanks Cepi-Style!

I’ve always considered my look to be polished and on-trend but my closet edit elevated me to new heights! I realized that less was more. My stylist suggested I upgrade to smaller, classic earrings. I even discovered that my bras were ill-fitting. On top of that Cepi-Style brought a rack of gorgeous classic, but well-structured pieces that make me look and feel great. I can’t say that my closet edit was the sole driver of my promotion to Executive Director – but it certainly sealed the deal. Senior management feedback praised my poise, professionalism and presence. Thanks Cepi-Style!

My husband loved it!

My husband and I are both busy professionals which leaves little time for shopping. Last year I wanted to do something a bit different for Christmas and gave my husband Cepi style — it was both material and experiential — my husband loved it! The closet edit was fantastic — as professionals , he allowed them to throw away things that I have been trying to get rid of for ages. They also brought in new items that neither of us would have ever chosen. Today — his closet is in great shape and instead of me having to find things for him last minute, the team provides him numerous options whenever he knows he has a special event on the calendar. I would definitely recommend Cepi Style to any busy couple and honestly I’m a little jealous that I don’t have it!




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