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If you wear suits or blazers with any frequency, what lies beneath is critical – the shell, the blouse, the tank top… But, we pay so little attention to it. We aren’t running out on a Saturday to browse shells. We don’t even give them that much credit when we find perfection. Every closet edit reveals how tricky or valuable this piece can be. It’s the x-factor for your everyday suit or the perfect compliment to your knock-them-dead-in-the-boardroom suit. A regular, cotton t-shirt can really bring a perfect look down while playing with silks, wools and certain cotton blends can elevate your look. The complement of the jacket neckline to the top is also crucial in terms of framing your face and coordinating your look. The best shells can also double as evening blouses during spring and summer. Details are key but remember it’s still a quasi-undergarment so it can’t be too fussy!

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  1. Evea February 24, 2016 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    This is so true! I often only think of the neckline when it comes to selecting a shell and rarely its over all shape. That is until the moment I have to take my jacket off and to figuratively roll up my sleeves, then it jumps to the forefront of my mind and I am usually unhappy with the result. Thank you for highlighting this.

  2. Tumi C February 25, 2016 at 7:34 am - Reply

    For me, the importance of the shell is super important and one part that I always struggle with – will it fit my big breasts, is too shiny, too transparent, can it hold its own when I take my blazer off, etc. This post is so true. It is important to give some importance to this understated, overlooked piece of our wardrobes.

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